Dear Ananda,

I having a sense of pulsation, vibration and sometimes even uncomfortable at the center of my forehead (Christ center). Is this because I’m applying stress during meditation? I tried consulting some friends that meditates and they advised that this might be a blockage and advised that I should consult a guru to open up my chakra.Please advise. Thanks!

—Shashitheran, Malaysia


Dear Shashitheran,

I’m going to assume you only experience the sensations of pulsation, vibration and discomfort at the Christ center while meditating. If this is not the case and you experience this pulsating sensation between the eyebrows at times other than when meditating, please consult a physician.

During meditation, it is very normal to experience a vibration sensation at any of the chakras, including the Christ center. This is the natural awakening of energy in the chakra to be offered upward toward the spiritual eye.

It is not normal to experience discomfort, especially if it recurs each time you meditate. I suggest you relax deeply in the forehead and allow the magnetism of the chakra to draw your awareness and consciousness into that point. The only time you may experience a feeling of physical tension between the eyebrows, is while practicing Jyoti Mudra. Otherwise, it’s important to simply offer yourself into whatever light you may see at the Christ center while meditating.

It’s also helpful to keep our consciousness uplifted at the point between the eyebrows throughout the day as best you can. This helps you maintain a sense of peace as you go about your duties and assists with attunement to the God and guru’s inner guidance.

Joyful blessings as you relax into the inner Light.

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