Straight Spine


How to sit straight for long hours for studying? My back tends to bend after some time which reduces my focus in my studies.

—Ajinkya Narnaware, India


You have the right idea, that a bent spine takes our energy down and reduces our focus in whatever we are doing. Whether we are meditating or studying! If you practice a meditation technique you already understand how to sit comfortably with a straight spine. Also, how to position the buttocks so that the back is very erect. If you need more help with how to do that go to our website to the online class in Ananda Course in Meditation. It may help demonstrate that to you. Also, when your body is sitting in that posture, meditating or studying, for long periods your muscles may need some movement and shifting position. When you start feeling you body growing tired move or take a walk or do the energization exercises (if you know them) and that may recharge you in body, mind and spirit to continue. Many Blessings.