Techniques to ward off the darkness and overcome fear


Hello. I have a fears of darkness, all those dark energies, beings from lower astral plane, etc. How can i transform them into the presence of God? I also noticed the more closer i get to God the more these unreasonable fears appears. Give me some powerful prayers or any other techniques to feel God’s presence immeadiately when i need it most. How can i get free of these fears? Thank you very much.

—Tom, Lithuania


Dear Tom,

In the presence of God (as joy, light or love) nothing and no one can harm you. Happiness is like a light from which all shadow must flee! Be joyful; help others; bless others. Chant God’s name aloud or silently; chant Aum! Here’s a powerful mantra to use whenever you feel the need: Aum, Hring Kleeng Krishnaya namaha. You can also chant the Trinity as “Aum, Tat, Sat” and as you do move your arms in opposite directions meeting (palms touching) in front of you and behind. Write Aum on your pillow at night before sleeping.

When feeling “attacked” place your thumbs in the shape of a cross and send light all around you as a protection as you chant.

Most of all, call upon God, Christ, or one of the masters whenever you are in need and make a strong effort to be positive and mentally chanting throughout the day. Spend time with others of stronger spiritual magnetism. Meditate daily: with eyes open if necessary and never in complete darkness.

I pray that you be freed of these fears. The nearer you are to the presence of God, the more protected you feel. God can come to you as peace, as joy, as light and as love. Manifest these qualities in your own consciousness and you will immediately be closer to God.

Blessings always and in the Light,
Nayaswami Hriman