Can Meditation Have Negative Effects?


Sometimes while meditating I have pulsating sensation on my head. It feels like my brains pulsating, like a heartbeat. Most of the times it is on the right side, but it’s switching positions. Also my eyes start to do that kind of stuff as well, like the eyeballs are moving, twitching, pulsating. Sometimes I see like a light flashing at very fast pace, but it is very unclear. Is this normal? Specially that pulsation feeling in my brains?

—Edvinas, Lithuania


Dear Edvinas,

The experiences you describe could be due to excess tension when you meditate. They are not part of normal meditation experience. Meditation requires that we be deeply relaxed but very alert. On our website there are some nice techniques for relaxation for you to try. Do some relaxation prior to sitting to meditate. I would also suggest you look at our meditation-mini-course where you will learn a simple and very effective meditation technique. Included in this course are preliminary exercises which you can use at the beginning of every meditation to relax the body and mind.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti