The Karmic Implications for a Soul


I wanted to know about the karmic implications for a soul who is highly evolved and may be in its final few incarnations, but who creates a heavy soul burden for themselves, for example by self-destructive behaviors. If the soul is eternal, is it allowed as many incarnations as necessary for it to grow to its highest potential? If it doesn’t achieve liberation by a certain point in its incarnation cycle & falls to a lower vibration is it sent to hell? Please let me know your thoughts.

—Rachel, United States


Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your thoughtful questions. It is unlikely that a person whose soul is
“…highly evolved and may be in its final few incarnations…” would exhibit self-destructive behavior.  The soul is eternal! It is the part of us which is a part of God. It has always existed and will exist forever.

Yes, the soul in many outward forms experiences as many incarnations as it needs in order to learn all of its self-created karmic lessons. The Great Masters tell us that there might literally be millions of lifetimes through which we evolve as human beings, not to mention all the lifetimes as non-humans, which precede our human incarnations. It takes a long time!

However, even though it’s a very lengthy journey, the end of the journey for every soul is unending bliss and final oneness with God and all that is! Every soul is immortal!

Regarding being sent to hell, it is possible for a human being to misbehave to the point of having to spend some time in some lower astral “location” after death. But this state is only temporary and happens because a person needs to learn better what to do and what not to do to achieve the final goal. Life is a school and no matter what happens, immortality is our destiny.