The meaning of a divine image


Over the weekend, I was outside helping my fiance with a deck. I went into the house to grab something. I closed my eyes and saw a divine image. I will do my best to describe this image. First it was the brain it was split in two and slowly coming together with the 3rd eye in the middle, and this Bright Beautiful Yellow Golden Light surrounding it, I did not want to open my eyes for it was so beautiful. I don’t know what it means. I have been working on the 3rd eye for about 2 months now. Thanks. Diane

—diane hall, United States


Dear Diane, When we see images in dreams, visions, or in whatever way, it is always best to consult our own intuition, to find out the deeper meanings of any symbols, which may appear, rather than to ask someone else to interpret them for us.

The best way to do this is to write down a list of what you saw. In this case it would be a split brain (coming together), the 3rd eye, and the halo of golden light around it. Once you have made your list, take it to your altar or wherever you meditate and place it in front of you. Pray for help and guidance in determining what parts of yourself the symbols represent and/or if there is something spiritual important for you to understand more fully, from what you have seen. Do not think more about this while you meditate, and calm your mind as much as possible. Then at the close of your meditation, ask again and wait quietly to receive the answers. If answers don’t come immediately, have faith that they will.

Having said that, my guess would be that this was a blessing for you, happening because, as you said, of your having been “working on the 3rd eye” for a while. I’m not certain what you mean by this, but I assume you mean that you have been trying to focus on it in your meditations and/or trying to keep your attention there as much as possible all the time (a very good thing to do!). The spiritual eye is there to be seen at the point between the eyebrows. When it is seen clearly, the halo of gold is the outer-most ring of the lights of the spiritual eye. It represents your astral body.

The image of your brain in 2 halves, which come together, may mean that your work with the spiritual eye is bringing wholeness, harmony, and balance between your left and right brains.

Again, you are the best one to fully determine the meaning of what you saw. In meditation, ask and then listen carefully for the answers. They will come, sooner or later, if you remain open to receive them.