The Meaning of Dreaming


I meditate. And afterwards I’m the dark I see symbols and vivid pictures. Even when I close my eyes. What could that be? Am I in the process of opening my third eye? It doesn’t really happen in the day time. What could this be?

—Lucy Harris, United States


Dear Lucy,

It is not unusual to see symbols or vivid pictures, such as you are describing, as a part of one’s meditation practices. Sometimes these are important messages to you from God (or your Higher Self—same thing). Sometimes they are merely various “wanderings” going on in your subconscious mind. In any case, when these things happens, pray for help and guidance from the Divine and/or your Guru (if you have one), asking that if there is anything important for you to know or learn from these things, that this information or blessing will reveal the answers to you. If you receive no immediate answers, be patient. Often it may take a while to “hear” and/or understand what is going on. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the process of opening your spiritual eye, unless the images are very clearly appearing to you to be originating from of the very distinctive circle, rings, and lights of your spiritual eye. Please remember that visions or pictures are not necessarily the best kind of sign that your spiritual life is progressing in the best possible way. Rather, it is how you are changing for the better in your positive attitudes, your responses to challenges in your daily life, and your ability to stay even-minded and cheerful under all circumstances. One book which would be helpful to you on this subject would be The Meaning of Dreaming, available at or also through