Can I Control My Predictive Dreams?


I have had this since I was a child but I recently started meditating for 60 mins a day, way longer than my usual 25 mins, and remember again that I tend to have preemptive dreams(esp. when I meditate a lot). I tend to dream of things that happen over the next days and it’s a bit creepy for me. Is there a way I can hone this into being a skill and not something that scares me? I also tend to get very sleepy after chakra meditation from the app. Is that normal?Lots of love from Germany!

—Nirja, Germany


Thank you for your question. There are many examples of dreams that have predicted future events. They are not unusual.

Please do read the book linked below. It is an informative resource on dreaming written with a great deal of insight and based on Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings. It will be a great help.

If your dreams are superconscious they will be accompanied by a feeling of joy and peace or will be generally uplifting for you. The increased frequency may be considered as a Gift. As you are now going in the right direction with more commitment to your meditations. If you are able, just accept them as such with even-mindedness and gratitude. Try not to give them too much importance.

Sometimes pre-sleep suggestion, such as meditating and praying, before sleep, may help you to stay in the superconscious when dreaming. Try not to control but simply enjoy as you move toward understanding the true meaning of your dreams.

To answer the question of your falling asleep during the meditation app., your body is possibly just going to a new very relaxed state. That will change as you begin to use the relaxation to go deeper in your meditations.

Always invite God into your meditations and your life. Ask for His help and guidance in regard to how to relate to the dreams. And how they apply to daily life. Be open to any messages from the dreams that could be useful in your life.

Try to be an observer to all that is happening right now.

Many Blessing on your efforts.