The Meanings of What I Saw in Meditation


Dear Ananda, today I practiced a meditation session and I saw it a Child with a crown (similar to Buddha) given me as a gift a white lotus flower, also during the meditation I noticed a Black eye, it seems to me like from a black horse, also other images as cross swords, snake totem, some flashes of city buildings and the ocean. Not sure what all that means, hopefully, you can help me to figure out this.

—Daniel, USA


Dear Daniel, Seeing visions of various sorts, either in dreams or while meditating is not unusual. However, is not necessary to know exactly what each one means (sometimes they are special blessings from God, or sometimes they are just items that pop up from your subconscious mind, with little or no meaning). But always, the best person to find out any meanings for such images is YOU.

The best way to do this is, at the beginning of your next meditation, sincerely pray this prayer: “If it is important for me to know what some or all of these images may mean, please let me know.” Then go ahead with whatever meditation techniques you are practicing. At the end of your meditation time, wait quietly for the answer to be revealed for you.

It may take more than one meditation sessions, or the answers may come to you later, when you are not meditating or even expecting them. You don’t mention what sort of meditation techniques you are practicing—which does have some bearing on what you are experiencing.

In any case, the best state of meditation is when your mind is still and your heart is open. If you can accomplish this, you won’t be bothered by images such as you have mentioned. Instead, there will be only inner peace, bliss, and divine love, within and all around you.