The Prophecy of Bhrigu Predicted Swami Kriyananda’s Passing Incorrectly. How Is That Possible?


Greetings! Swami Kriyananda said that according to the predictions made by Bhrigu (an ancient rishi who created written prophecies thousands of years ago, for people who live in our time), he was supposed to die in 2009. Yet he lived almost four years longer. How could that happen? Was Bhrigu wrong in that particular prediction? Swamiji often praised Bhrigu a lot for his infallible predictions!

—pushkar, india


Dear Pushkar,

It is true. The Book of Bhrigu states: “In the months of Magha Krishenpaksh, on the twelth tithi [in May of 2009 or 2010] he will attain moksha (final liberation).”

But prophecies can never be 100% certain, even if the greatest of saints pronounce them. Why? Simply because the grace of the Guru, or the direct grace of God, are higher than any law and any prophecy.

Swami Kriyananda came very close to dying in 2009, in Florence, but survived and said: “I live by the grace of my Guru.” (I paraphrase)

Actually there was another prophecy, from Agastya, about which Swami Kriyananda talked right before his passing (during his last public talk), which stated that he would live five years longer than he did, meaning until 2018.

But again: a life like that of Swami Kriyananda is fully in the hands of his Master. He decides, free from any prophecy.

The most important thing is what the Book of Bhrigu stated: “He will attain moksha (liberation).” Yogananda himself told him that he would find God at the end of his life, confirming what the Book of Bhrigu stated also with these words: “It is definite that he will attain moksha (liberation), for I tell you truly, his motives are pure.”

In short: grace is above law. Prophecies are part of the law, but the Guru’s wish rules supreme. It can burn to ashes any written prophecy, and also any horoscope, even if it were made by a saint.

In-joy your day,