The Rise of Prejudice and Bigotry in the World


Right wing Hinduism is on rise in India. People are increasingly becoming divided. India increasingly feels like a mess. Growing economy with many poor people. Unemployed people getting angry. Fight over language and caste. Politicians dividing people to get votes. Rise of radical Islam. Far-right Hindus calling for genocide of minorities. Ever growing population. Why is all this chaos going on? What is its spiritual significance? How will this anger and hate end? Is a civil war likely?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Siddharth,

There is a strong wave of psychic resistance to the growing tide of globalism, equality and justice for all. We are one human family: all children of the Infinite Spirit. But lifetimes of fear and hatred are swelling in response to the inexorable tsunami of acceptance of all people as our own.

The masters do not say our world will be perfect: were it to be so, it will be dissolved. But nonetheless, the gurus of Self-Realization (Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda) proclaim that we are in the early stages of ascending Dwapara Yuga. Though still a materialistic age, the advance of knowledge, science, and global connections and interactions between all races, creeds, nations, and people must have either one of two results: either we will destroy ourselves; or, we will accept one another. Being an ascending age, it is far more likely that, after a period of intense struggle, humanity will (at large, for the most part) accept all races, all people as equals. It must be so.

For now, however, do what you can to mix with people of like mind; people who love God; who want to see God in all people; let your voice and actions be seen and heard and let your voice be based in meditation, prayer, and inner communion with God and gurus. People of goodwill must stand up and be counted and not hide and hope the “bad people” will go away.

As Gandhi put it, those in power and prejudice will not relinquish their attitudes and power willingly. They must be resisted and their privilege taken away. This does not have to be done with violence or intention to harm but intention to love and heal.

Lastly, remember that this creation is not yours or mine. It is a lila, a play, a dream of the God. We must do our part without attachment and with love for God and seeking moksha.

Be of good cheer!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA