The Spiritual Eye and the Caduceus


Hello, would you please explain the physical components of the spiritual eye, and is the caduceus a symbol of self realization?...thank you

—Jim, USA


Dear Jim, The spiritual eye has no physical component, as such. Rather, it is a part of the astral (energy) body, which we all possess, in addition to the physical body. It is perceived as a light appearing at a point midway between the eyebrows. This light, when seen in its most perfect form, is a golden halo or ring around a circle or tunnel of indigo (blue-violet) color. In the circle’s center is a small silvery-white, five-pointed star. It is also the positive pole of the sixth chakra, which is located in the lower skull (the medulla oblongata section of the brain).

The spiritual eye is the place in which we most naturally bring our focus when we concentrate (that is, physically speaking, we tend to knit our eyebrows together, when we are deeply concentrating on anything). We are taught that it is best to keep our eyes and our attention fixed at that point, when meditating, but in a very relaxed and natural way, with no tensing or knitting of the eyebrows.

The physical eyes, when fully relaxed, such as when we are in the deepest stage of sleep, automatically go into that fully relaxed, slightly upturned position.

At times Paramhansa Yogananda (and other spiritual teachers also) refer to the spiritual eye as the “pineal eye.” The pineal gland, an aspect of the physical endocrine gland system, is located in the same area of the forehead, in which we perceive that astral light we call the spiritual or third eye.

Regarding the caduceus, it is ancient symbol representing the astral spine and its three major currents of energy, the ida, pingala, and sushumna. The sushumna, or deep astral spine is represented by the straight center or “pole” around which are entwined the “snakes” or outer currents of astral energy, or ida and pingala energy currents. In the physical body, these currents correspond to our central nervous system.

Also in the caduceus symbol, there are also two “out-spread wings” at the top of the pole, representing the bifurcation point of the astral body. It is at this point that the oneness of God outside of creation is brought into the duality upon which all of creation is based (with opposites such as up and down, in and out, left and right).

As you might imagine, there are many more complexities and detailed descriptions of the various parts of our astral anatomy system. If you have further interest in this subject, I’d suggest that you study The Art and Science of Raja Yoga available at this website: