The Sri Yantra Symbol


Namaste! I feel attracted to the Sri Yantra symbol and intuitively I perceive some meanings of this Sacred Geometry, but my questions are: Did Yogananda or Kriyananda ever talk about what this symbol means? It has some value or can be useful to a student of Yoganandaji’s teachings in some way? And last question: I have a Sri Yantra altar cloth. Can I use it to put the pictures of Yogananda and the Paramgurus of this linage without creating an altar with opposing or contradicting energies?

—Leonel Medina Moreno, Puerto Rico


Dear Leonel,

I am not aware that Paramhansaji ever spoke of the Sri Yantra. As a sacred symbol depicting the union and co-existence of opposites, it is a visual form of mantra for meditation. For myself, as a disciple of Yogananda, I don’t employ it as he gave us so many techniques, chants, poems, and inspiration. I have no need for something else outside the gift of his teachings.

However, I don’t see any particular harm provided you are attuning yourself to the Master’s vibration through kriya yoga, study, service, and devotion. As an altar cloth, for example, I see no harm. While such objects and symbols do have power, they do only for those who see them as such.

Perhaps you have some past samskara (past life tendency) around Sri Yantra. I would be cautious, however, from becoming either superstitious or obsessed with an external object. As an object of beauty and a symbol of a deep meaning and consciousness, then, of course, there is no harm.

Just as I have pictures of other saints (St. Francis, St. Teresa of Avila, Padre Pio) on my personal altar becuase I find their vibration supports my love for my guru and my seeking ever deeper attunement, your Sri Yantra can be seen as supportive of your discipleship. Okay?

Blessings and Joy to You!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle Wa USA