Tie Your Destiny to the Highest Star


Does taking kriya initiation prevents me from regular activites/ enjoyments of human life like partying, dancing. I am getting into arranged marriage and would like to enjoy wordly joys, my fiancee has never heard of kriya. Is there a list of do’s and don' ts for kriya initiation that i should know to avoid any shock for both of us?

—T, India


Dear T:

The ancient proscriptions attendant upon Kriya initiation were waived by Babaji in 1861 at the request of Lahiri Mahasaya. The primary prerequisites, apart from proper training in yoga practices and precepts, is sincerity, commitment to practice, and attunement in discipleship to the guru(s).

Based in part upon the Yoga Sutras (Eight-Fold Path) and the Bhagavad Gita it is gainsaid that moderation in sense enjoyments is a prerequisite to achieving God-realization. So your question is, “Can I have my (wedding) cake, and eat it too?”

From the long view of “moksha” (liberation/freedom in God), the simple answer is NO. From the short view of our your own, individual path to moksha, well, you will have to discover for yourself that pleasures of the senses and worldly happiness through wealth, position etc. are not enough to bring lasting happiness.

At first, when young and newly married, it may seem inconceivable that so much fun and pleasure, so easily acquired, could be a source of unhappiness or suffering. These things have their obvious attraction. Time and sensitive intelligence and sincere longing for truth will show you the “truth that will make you free.”

Things of God and the soul, though far less obvious and far more subtle, contain an intensity of joy and fulfillment that make pleasure and ego satisfactions seem like stale cheese to the real thing. But this insight each soul must find for itself.

I know many kriyabans who are in various degrees of traversing the very same path that you are wanting to embark upon.

So, if you are sincere about taking Kriya initiation; if you are willing to commit to its daily practice; if you are willing to disclose to your fiance your intentions around Kriya; and if you are willing to enter into the relationship of disciple to guru; and if you are willing to embark enthusiastically upon the necessary training and practice of other yoga disciplines; then, yes, you may be eligible to take Kriya.

Even if, therefore, the attractions of the body and world hold sway over your mind and heart, at least enter into your worldly pursuits by inviting God and guru to go with you. If you are open to enjoying this world with the eyes and presence of the guru (rather than hiding from him amidst your entertainments), you will discover much sooner the truth behind all seeming.

How many millions of young couples enter matrimony with high hopes; where are those hopes and pleasures a few years later? When crying babies keep you up at night; dirty diapers must be changed; you lose a job; what if your wife’s health suddenly is challenged? And on and on. This life is always in flux and you never know what is going to happen next.

Tie your destiny to the highest star, not the baubles of fleeting sense pleasures. In any case, be sincere and honest with yourself and with God and guru. It is probably better to take Kriya now while you have time and interest than to wait until some uncertain future when you imagine you are done with “having fun.” Life is short. The voice of conscience and soul will go to sleep if you don’t listen now.

You will be ok if you try your best as I have offered to you.

Blessings of light and wisdom upon your life,
Nayaswami Hriman