How Can I Listen to the Aum Sound When I Have Tinnitus?


I’ve tinnitus on my ears (didn’t go away even after surgery). Due to this, I’ve always been hearing different sounds including Ocean waves, wind, ringing, buzzing, water falls etc.. 24/7, it is so loud that, I can’t focus on any inner subtle sounds, please suggest me how can I hear AUM sound? I see the golden ring with blue inside (not sure if it is gold/orange/red ring, blue/purple inside, am color blind), ring is round but scattered, not a perfect circle, is this spiritual eye?

—Yogananda MV, India


Dear Friend,

I, too, have tinnitus. I understand that it takes many forms in terms of the sounds one hears and the way one describes those sounds.

However, some of the terms you use to describe tinnitus sound suspiciously like the sounds of some of the chakras! Moreover, I have read that some people hear the inner sounds of the chakras or Aum but, not knowing what these sounds are, mistake them for being problematical.

I am not an ear doctor and a clinical description of tinnitus would be worth researching, but from my own experience and descriptions given by others, our tinnitus takes more the form of a steady continuous sound. It can change, however, from low to high tones, from piercing ringing to a steady electronic-like hum or buzzing.

But I have also heard the chakra sounds and Aum and know that they are distinct from the electrical-body sounds that include tinnitus.

But when you describe some of these sounds as wind, waterfall or ocean waves along with more traditional tinnitus sounds like ringing, then I cannot help but wonder if you are experiencing a mixture of astral subtle sounds and brain/nerve signals more typical of tinnitus!

To add to these thoughts, it is my understanding that there is no cure, no surgery that can eliminate tinnitus — despite the many products (hearing aids, e.g.) and claims made to the contrary, including special diets. Maybe some of these will work some of the time (I don’t really know) but none of them work all or even most of the time, at least according to my research.

Have you been initiated into the Path of Kriya Yoga and thus have learned the technique and mudra of hearing the inner astral sounds, including AUM? And have you learned the kriya mudra that is helpful in seeing the spiritual eye?

For starters, I would suggest to listen very carefully, preferably in a quiet place while sitting in meditation in order to distinguish body sounds (like tinnitus) from astral body sounds. The chakra sounds are given descriptions, but the descriptions are only approximate. Some of these include: bumble bee or drum; flute or trickling water; plucked strings (harp, sitar, etc.); large gong or bell (low or high); wind in the trees or waterfall; and AUM: like a great ocean or thunder.

I would say that normally tinnitus is heard all the time even while walking or sitting, while the astral sounds are generally heard only when meditating or at least very quiet and inward. This is a generalization, however but it might be helpful for you to make the distinction above.

As to the spiritual eye, that is wonderful news. Bear in mind you cannot control the appearance of the spiritual eye; how long it stays; or how perfectly it appears; or even in what colors it contains. But no matter, don’t just look at it. This is the Light of God, in the Light of your soul inviting you to enter into it and have your consciousness uplifted into a higher octave of Self-awareness. Gaze with reverence, joy, and give yourself to it without reservation. Ask for guidance, too, if need be.

Enjoy and in joy!
Nayaswami Hriman