Trust the Presence of Spirit in Your Heart


I’ve been meditating on and off for years. It is relaxing and I enjoy it but have not connected with Spirit, which is my goal. Am I doing something wrong?

—Jeff Knight, US


Dear Jeff,

Many, many meditators before you have struggled with this same challenge and have had to readjust their efforts to make meditation work for themselves. No effort toward the Infinite Spirit is “wrong.” And you have a very good question, but your answer lies within.

Try this in your meditations. Say to Master about your practice, “I know I can go deeper into these practices. You have to help me.” Be calm but not indifferent. Pray with calm zeal: make it a loving demand. Don’t just think casually, “Well, if nothing happens today maybe later.” God comes to those who ask, lovingly, for the most.

First, tap into your will power. The way to do this is to tap into the energy source that is already within you. Trust that you are with God at this very moment. Begin to increase you energy and willingness power. Do the energization exercises with more focus. Find the talks, visualizations, music, and articles that are online at These are a great resource for inspirations. When you begin to move forward you will attract more of the energy needed. Trust is the key!

At the same time, make God your constant companion. Talk to Him throughout the day. Ask Him, “what should I do now? What is next?” He is already there with you, you just need to improve your knowing. Have no expectations! God is with you now. If you can realize that Presence He will be able to bless, guide and be in your heart the more you open to this realization and you will feel His light, love and peace. Have patience with yourself. It is the quickest route to God.

Finally you may want to view this article for encouragement in your meditations.

Many, many blessings on your efforts. Especially at this time of year, Christmas, there are many blessings coming to earth from the heavenly realms. These blessings are there for you.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi