Tuning Into Guidance About Marriage


I am an Indian and have reached marriageable age. Parents are pressuring me to meet prospect grooms. Since I am spiritual, I am confused which path is the best course for my soul’s evolution — marriage or renunciation? I don’t want my 'Ego' to make the decision here. I want to 'KNOW' it from inside which path to choose. How can I get closer to that intuitive state where in I know what my next step should be? And how do I know it’s Soul’s call and not Ego’s thinking? Please advise.

—Rajul jain, India


Dear Rajul,

This sense of ‘knowing’ that you ask for comes when we attune to higher consciousness and are able to hear the whispers that come from the divine to our soul. Meditation practice helps to quiet the restless mind and is essential to strengthen this ‘muscle’ of attunement.

Near the end of a meditation practice, when the mind is most still, offer up your question about marriage vs renunciation to the spiritual eye. Offer the question without an expectation of one answer being more desirable or correct. Hold an open and still mind.

Answers come in many forms. Sometimes it is a sense of stillness and expansion which indicates a ‘yes’ to an option. This is as opposed to a neutral or more contractive sense when the answer is a ‘no’. It may also come as a visual image or other feeling. Rarely does it come as words, but it may do so. Often we need to ask several times.

Sometimes we do not get an answer because the timing of the question is not correct. There may be another step which is needed before the soul is ready to address the question. If you do receive guidance proceed carefully, continuing to ask the question to be sure you have understood and that there is not further guidance for you.

In asking for guidance we must be cautious as our subconscious likes, dislikes, fears, past history, and opinions can color our receptivity. Usually false guidance that comes from the subconscious is accompanied by some emotional charge or is vague or impure in some way.

To be able to access higher consciousness work with your meditation practice. If you do not have an established practice you could explore our offerings for learning to meditate here.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti