Turn On the Light and the Darkness Will Vanish


I am a highly sensitive person suffering from depression since childhood. In the past I’ve experimented with hypnotherapy and shamanic journeying. I’ve not felt myself since. I continue to be plagued by dark thoughts and presences. I’ve practiced light worker ceremonies in the past. I feel this darkness wants to destroy me. How do I finally free myself? I’ve tried everything. Do I face it without fear? The darkness holds onto me so tightly.

—James, UK


Dear James,

We are very sorry to hear of all your difficulties. In a private e-mail to you, I will send a long list of suggestions from Paramhansa Yogananda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s teachings which offer many excellent suggestions on how to pull away from the forces of darkness, which seems to have a strong hold on to you.

To sum it up, Yogananda says: “Never fear the darkness or beat at it with a stick. Instead, turn on the light and it will vanish as though it had never been.” The dark forces are a reality, but we should never give them more power by fearing them or angrily fighting them.

“Turning on the light” means to add as much spiritual power into your life as possible. Having a God-realized guru to help you is one of the best possible things you could do.

Sometimes we really do not have enough strength to overcome dark forces alone, but the Great Ones certainly do! It’s a matter of inviting their energy and light into your life and then, though it might take some time, you will see that by being in a partnership with this best-of-all kind of Divine help, you come out of your cave of inner darkness and depression into the clear light of perfect, unending joy.

As you have found out, hypnotism and shamanic journeying definitely can cause psychic problems. Be sure to leave these things alone in the future.

Finally, I suggest that you ask for further help from having others pray for you. Please contact the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry and request healing prayers. I will pray for you also. Take heart! This is not a hopeless situation, especially if you are willing to put out enough strong, positive energy to meet what is troubling you.