Understanding Symbols


After very long period of energetic block and stagnance, I’m beginning to experience a number of small synchronicities and manifestations again. Also, I’ve now had a fox (my totem) and crows coming around and quite close, neither of which I normally see. This is all happening at once. I’m in a period of change, following a terrible, unresolved love/life upheaval, needing guidance, and I want to read these signs and use my re-budding energy in the best way possible. Any advice/interpretations?

—Lindsay, UK


Now seems like a very good time for you to refocus your efforts on seeking the Infinite. Intuiting that you are in a period of change and inner reawakening is a good insight! Change is often brought about by some trials, disruptions or discomfort. Fortunately, from your description of events it seems as if your inner guidance is helping you to refocus. Mostly, the energy and inspiration that is coming to you can be used for awakening new inner direction and commitment. Maybe the synchronicities and totems are just a strong positive energy flow in your universe.

The manifestations and synchronicities you are noticing are symbols. You may be interested in Swami Kriyananda’s book The Hindu Way of Awakening which discusses symbols. It shows how symbols have meaning only to the extent that you give them meaning. This meaning depends on your own belief system. In all phenomena is inherent human imagination too. Do not depend on those manifestations and symbols entirely for any lasting guidance. Instead put your energy into your meditation techniques and spiritual practices.

This can be a productive time for you to use for spiritual progress. Invite God into your meditation. In the language of your heart ask God to help and bless you. He will come to you with guidance and peace, love and joy. Have gratitude for all that comes to you. It is such a blessing to even want to know God.

Many Blessings on your efforts.