Understanding the Death of a Child


my son rishi who was supposed to turn 8 year this nov 13th, passed away 7 days before his bday, he was a kid full of joy, fully healthy fit and strong, a very smart kid, he had asked his mom that he was going on the terrace to play with his friends, but there was no one there and he was sent down twice, but he still went on the terrace and climbed and fell down thru a parapet sheet 10 floors. his body was intact with only fractures. Am unable to understand this event, is this karmic or badluck

—Rohit Kathotia, India


Dear Rohit,

I am so sorry for your loss. The death of a child is one of the most difficult losses one can experience. We naturally want to know why this happened, but any answer really does not soothe the loss.

So, yes, there is a karmic pattern there. Nothing is this world is random or accidental. Karma is complex since it is accrued over millions of lives. No one can say why now, why did this happen? These answers are known to God. But if we know about karma then we know that when a body dies the soul lives on — only the physical form is shed. It is possible for us to connect with those we have had deep relationships with after they have left the body.

As a father your prayers for the soul of your son are especially powerful. Realize that your love for your son is an expression of Divine Mother’s love flowing through you. Offer your love to his soul, continue to give to him and support him spiritually as you did when he was alive. See him embraced in Divine Mother’s loving presence. See him being lovingly escorted now to the next step in his soul’s evolution. Pray that any lingering regrets from his past life are dissolved that he may enter his next incarnation free to grow without limitation, expressing his soul’s highest potential.

Many you feel Divine Mother’s loving presence supporting you through this difficult time.

Nayaswami Mukti