Unhappy in My Marriage


Dear madam, I got married few months back, I felt it was with gurus blessings. But I feel unhappy and negative after marriage, sometimes I find it extremely challenging. Have cried infront of babji’s photo. Is it because of my previous birth karma. How can I seek help? How can I make peace with myself.pls help

—Sai Charu bala, India


So sorry to hear about these challenges. Do you think that the inner conflicts are just an adjustment period? If you have felt the Guru’s blessing when you were married then the blessings are still there for you. Many of our choices in life are due to past karma and often a completion and a needed experience. After meditation, in the language of your heart, pray to God and Guru for help and then try to listen to any guidance on how to work with your new situation. The blessings at the time you were married seem to indicate that your choice was correct. The new direction and understanding needed in your life will come for success, in this marriage, by staying open to that blessing . It is part of your spiritual growth. The book Expansive Marriage by Swami Kriyananda is a wonderful resource and it may help you understand this new direction. Also, you may want to pray for and with your new wife so that the openness of each of your hearts allow mutual growth and guidance. Many Blessings on you and your wife and the marriage.