I Had a Vision in Meditation — What Does It Mean?


Yesterday I meditated and saw Europe from above, and I could see dark and gray energy covering it. From where I was I could see light energy pushing it away. Just before I almost fainted I saw a turquoise dragon with the golden mustache thing that Chinese dragons have. It had yellow eyes with a red iris. It came towards me, and it felt like it went through me. After I was just exhausted. What I saw, what does it mean? I have to say that I saw the dragon before multiple times while meditating.

—Henric Niles, Netherlands


Dear Henric, Thank you for writing us all the way from the Netherlands! Blessings to you!

Regarding visions in meditation: Just as is true in trying to analyze nightly dreams, it is not always necessary or even helpful to do so, unless it feels especially important to you for some reason. In any case, it is your vision or dream and no one can determine what it means better than you can.

Here’s one good way to do that for yourself. Just before your next meditation, write down the most striking elements of your vision. In this case, I’d say that would be the dark, gray energy covering Europe and the dragon. Pray for guidance, then set your list aside and try hard to forget it completely while you quiet your mind, watch your breath, and do whatever meditation techniques you practice ordinarily.

At the close of your meditation, ask again (without attachment or trying to figure it out on your own) what these symbols mean for you. Sit quietly and wait for the answers to come into your mind. If they don’t come immediately, then prayerfully wait a while — even for a few days or weeks, if necessary — don’t be impatient. Almost always, the true answers will be revealed to you at some point — and you’ll know without question that they are true —  if you humbly and quietly keep asking for divine guidance. And remember that often the symbols represent a part of your inner being, rather than representing something or someone outside yourself.