If my third is not open then how did I see a silver halo as it formed around my head in my awakening?

—Ruth, usa


Dear Ruth,

Some people at times have visions during meditation. These visions during meditation are usually not a sign of genuine exalted consciousness unless during the experience the sense of the ego-self is forgotten.  In an exalted level of consciousness, called superconsciousness by Yogananda, there is profound calmness, peace, joy, or another divine quality that accompanies the experience. The meditator who enters this state recognizes that it is entirely different from the usual levels of consciousness and feels profoundly uplifted and changed by the experience. Indeed this level of consciousness requires that all of our energy be focused at the spiritual eye or 3rd eye and that this chakra be open.

You will have to assess the quality of your consciousness when you see this halo for yourself. My guess is that it probably is not part of a fully superconscious experience for you or you would not need to ask this question. In any case, whatever we may see in meditation we must not be distracted by and involved in. It will only feed the pride of the ego. The right attitude for the meditator is devotion and self-offering of all that we are to the Divine. Humbly and calmly offer up all of your experiences during meditation to the Divine Presence. This act of offering all that we are – all of our energy, all of our concentration to the point between the eyebrows, the 3rd eye, will take us much closer to our goal of self-realization than any phenomena such as seeing visions during meditation. The fruits of our meditation practice are most evident in our daily experience of increased calmness and centeredness during activity, a decrease in desires for things of this world, an increase in kindness and self-giving, and learning to accept even-mindedly whatever experiences life sends you.

Many blessings to you in your meditation practice,
Nayaswami Mukti

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