What is This Vision in Meditation?


During meditation I see grassy land having one big tree and saint is meditating below tree and night is full of stars. As I move close to saint suddenly I see myself wandering in galaxies with someone holding my hand for few steps then allow me to travel alone with my own path. Second one is I see Shiva in eternal form like he is transparent, with no body but he is there in energy form with whole universe within him. As I am meditating from last 7 years but enable decode message please help. Thanks.

—Sonu, India


Dear Sonu,

I am happy for you that you would have such an experience. There is no message, necessarily, contained in such an experience beyond the blessing innate to it. Hold this in your heart with gratitude.

Should it continue, however, I would encourage you to offer yourself to Shiva in devotion and in service.

Such things may come to inspire and encourage you on the path to Self-realization, but such things will surely at some point disappear to test your faith. Let your devotion remain unshaken and unchanged until you become One with God.

Joy and blessings,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA