What Should I Visualize at the Spiritual Eye?


Gazing between eyes. Which of below is OK or not OK? Blank Dark, Guruji’s or Lord Krishna Picture, OM Symbol (picture depiction as in Hindi)?I mostly do this.Also, while meditating there is a soft gentle enjoyable pain at KUTHASHTA. Is it normal?

—Devote, India


Dear Devote: There is no “set-in-stone” teaching regarding what is right or wrong for what you perceive while gazing at the point between the eyebrows during meditation.

However, I think that what you are asking is if it is good to VISUALIZE something, such as your Guru’s face or eyes or an image of some other deity, or something like the AUM symbol, as a part of your meditation practices. This is fine. But the best thing is to both look for, and also simultaneously imagine/visualize, is what our Guru tells us the spiritual eye really looks like.

Perfectly seen, it is a halo or ring of gold surrounding a round, deep blue/violet tunnel, at the center of which is a small, silvery-white, five-pointed star of light. When you see this image, let it draw you into it, and thus into a full state of superconsciousness.

Remember to do all this in a very relaxed way, without strain or force. There should be no pain at all, only great joy. Pray to God and Gurus to help you! Eventually, with practice, your eyes and your consciousness will be drawn naturally both to and into the spiritual eye (Kuthastha), with very little effort on your part.