I Want to Learn More About Auras


How can I learn more about aura’s and what each colour means?

—Jaklin, United Kingdom


Dear Jaklin,

I thought you would appreciate this information from a long-time member of Ananda, Savitri Simpson.

What do the particular colors in one’s aura mean? Very generally speaking the warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow are energetic, activating, and warming colors. Green is healing. Blue, indigo, and violet are calmer and more spiritually oriented colors. Clear, bright colors indicate a clear bright consciousness. Dark, muddy colors indicate unhealthiness or disharmony of some kind. But it is very important to remember that energy is like a river which is always moving and changing. “You can never step into the same river twice.” The colors you have in your aura right at this moment will probably be different an hour from now, certainly different right after your next deep meditation, and possibly quite different tomorrow when something in your day goes wrong for you. Much better than trying to see or analyze any specific colors in your own or others’ auras, work to strengthen your aura in general, through your spiritual practices. Then strive always to radiate light and joy to everyone and to the world around you.

Should I try to develop my ability to see auras? Let this talent develop as it will. Don’t pursue or force it. As your intuition grows through meditation and deepening attunement to God and gurus, many so-called “psychic abilities” will come to you as natural “gifts of the Spirit.” If you do see auras, then ask God how you should use this talent in his service. Always remember where any talent comes from. God is the do-er; we are the channels. “The channel is blessed by what flows through it.” If we use our talents, no matter what they are, in egoic, self-serving ways, or with the thought (even though it may be unconscious), “Look at me! I’m special because I can do this and you can’t.” …then we limit the flow of Divine Light within ourselves and therefore diminish our divine potential. Whatever comes to you, give it to God, the source of all things.

The most important message here is that our aura reflects our consciousness at the moment. The very best approach to strengthening our aura is to work with spiritual practices such as meditation with which we find attunement. When our consciousness is uplifted in peace, joy, and connection with the Divine our aura is strong. The aura is a reflection of our level of consciousness — not a goal in and of itself.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti