Signs Something Bad Is Going To Happen


In the last 3 or 4 years,I have noticed,whenever something bad or not so bad is about to happen,I get some weird signs from before like I fall off my cycle,have restless sleeps or the portrait of Krishnaji suddenly falls down for no reason.

Once 3 to 4 days after such signs,my pet died suddenly.On another occasion I had a massive fight with my buddy which drained me.Recently I fell off the stairs suddenly and around a week after I had a massive fight with someone.

The fights were of course for good as the friendship which I mentioned was just being one sided and a burden and the later fight was with someone who is generally a rude person.So probably God taught her a lesson through me.But my question is what is the significance of such signs?Some energy patterns which have formed over the time or something like that?

—Geetika, India



Yours is an interesting case. I think the best way to approach your question is to do so scientifically. Create a simple journal of things that happen to you that fit the category of “weird” or unusual and which may be signs of things to come. You may find that with objective analysis things like this happen more or less regularly or at least often enough that there’s NO likely connection or perhaps you’ll continue to find a decisive pattern relationship.

In either case, however, it behooves you to take conscious note of such events; write it down if you must. Then, be alert and self-aware in regards to your “energy” and attitude. Most likely, the patterned connection will disappear upon examination and with increased awareness. Why do I say this? Because if there IS a connection it’s your soul’s way, perhaps through the subconscious mind, of trying to get your attention. Once you become more self-aware and mindful of your actions or of unusual events, the need to communicate in that strange and very indirect way may dissipate.

But, yes, it is certainly possible that energy patterns begin to form based on karma or current actions (and attitudes) and, like a bucket filling from a slow drip, finally bursts over the top into something very definite. My “vote” is to suggest that you become increasingly self aware using meditation and daily mindfulness techniques. Growing calmer and more centered in the “Self” day by day will allow you to work with energy on its own level: intuitively, without the need for material “mediums” to communicate in clumsy, indecipherable ways.

Does this make sense to you?


Nayaswami Hriman