Was My Prayer Answered?


One night I desperately asked Lahiri Mahasaya to solve my problem. That night I saw a dream that Lahiri Mahasaya was standing in front of me. He was smiling and shining like sun. The yellow light was so bright that I woke up. About 50 days have been passed but my problem has not yet gone. Please elaborate me that what does it mean.

—Bayazid, Jeruselum


Dear Bayazid,
It is wonderful hear that you called upon Lahiri Mahasaya to help you with your difficulties, and that he appeared to you in such joyful radiance! We are told by our Masters that any time we have a dream of any great Master, we receive an important blessing from them! Please try to receive this blessing in the right spirit, and be very grateful to Lahiri for coming to you in this way. The blessings we receive from the Masters’ presence in our lives can uplift us to the point that our problems can seem smaller and much easier to deal with.

Or the other possibility is that this is an important karmic test that you need to go through, to learn certain lessons in your life, and then be done with them forever. In the process, and when it is over, no matter how long it may take, you will become much stronger, especially spiritually.

In the meantime, it would be wise for you to have the attitude that Sister Gyanamata had under similar circumstances (and remember that she lived in Yogananda’s ashrams and saw him frequently in person, not just in dreams; she could have asked for anything that she wanted, at any time, including miracles). She relates that in the face of the great challenge that she saw coming into her life, she was about to ask God and Gurus to take it away. Then she realized that was not the right prayer for her to pray. Instead, she prayed, “Lord, change no circumstance of my life. Change me!”

So it is much better to pray for strength and courage to meet and overcome all your tests, rather than asking for the problem to be taken away from you. What comes to us is not nearly as important as how we respond to it,

Yogananda suggests that we “…remain even-minded in cheerful under every circumstance.” That is not always easy to do, but the Great Ones offer us mountains of inner and outer help, if we will just try always to stay in the right frame of mind. Lahiri has given you his blessings. Now it is time to do your part by shifting your attitudes into being completely open and optimistic, no matter what is happening to you!