Were Dark Energies Transferred to my Brother?


My brother’s friend tried committing suicide twice. This has affected him very deeply. He confided in me that while he tried talking to his friend and counselling him, he felt some of his very dark energies have transferred to my bother. My brother is going through a challenging phase of his life and he was very focused and positive. But of late he is experiencing his friend’s feeling- despair, anger, frustration, self-worth issues etc. Does such energy transfer really happen? How do I help him?

—Devika, India


Dear Devika, We are very sorry to hear about your brother and his troubled friend. Yes, dark spirits can enter a person and then, also “spill out” into another person or persons. This is why it is important to be very spiritually strong, before attempting to help a person who is deeply troubled in such a way.

Most likely, your brother meant very well, sincerely wanting to help his friend, but he was simply not strong enough (spiritually speaking) to resist being affected by such a dark force.

What would have been best for your brother to do is to put up a strong mental shield of Divine Light around himself, asking God and Gurus to help this person, rather than trying to do it by himself. So yes, these sorts of energy transfers can and do happen, but they are “fixable” and don’t have to go on forever.

Your brother doesn’t have to give into this energy or be weakened by it. His, your own, and others’ prayers for your brother (and his friend also) will help very much! Please contact Ananda Sangha’s Healing Prayer Ministry in India (right away) and ask for assistance in doing this. www.anandaindia.org