Why Do We See Colors When We Meditate?


1.what does it mean when you see a window with a background of purple?

2. why do i see colors when meditating and after meditating?

—Seneg, united states


Dear Seneg,

You are seeing the spiritual eye. Its color is purple-blue, and it is a window unto the higher worlds. In truth it is round. If you see a rectangular window, it is symbolic. At any rate, calmly look into its center and try to move your consciousness there, without tension.

Yes, one can also see various colors in the spiritual eye. They are the colors of the chakras (if they are not subconsciously generated). That you see them after meditation is unusual, but possible. Again, if you see any such color in meditation, calmly look into it, move toward it, absorb its blessing.

After such a meditation you should have an uplifted feeling. Try to keep that feeling with you during the day, taking the after-effects of your meditation with you as long as possible.

All the best for your meditations,