What Are the Qualities Needed To Find God?


What are the qualities it takes to go all the way to God? Thank you.

—Jim, usa


Dear Jim,
Finding God is a battle, fought to prevail over inner and outer contrary forces: our own habits, old tendencies, the ego. The path to God is not easy.

Yogananda in his interpretations of the Bhagavad Gita lists the inner “soldiers” (qualities) which will make us attain spiritual victory, helping us find union with God. They are the five Pandava brothers. Non of them can be missing in our inner spiritual battle.

Sahadev: he represents our inner power to stay away from evil and wrong actions. He also represents the earth element which is the power of loyalty (to our path, Guru, principles, sadhana) and steadfastness.

Nakula: he represents our inner power to do what is right. Following positive actions. He also represents the water element, meaning the power of non-attachment, being able to change direction when it is necessary.

Sahadev and Nakula go hand in hand, they are inner twins.

Arjuna: the power of fiery self-control. He represents the fire element and represents also concentration, inner power, the inner spiritual warrior.

Bhima: he stands for love and devotion. Bhima also represents the air element, and therefore pranayama. On Yogananda’s path it refers to Kriya Yoga pranayama. Bhima is the strongest of the five Pandava brothers, symbolising his great importance.

Yuddhistira: he stands for detachment and wisdom, and for the ether element, for expansion, space, freedom from matter.

These are the five Pandava brothers, whose power lies in our first 5 chakras.

Then there is Krishna who in the metaphorical battle of the Bhagavad Gita guides and instructs the 5 inner brothers. He represents God himself: without God’s guidance and grace, without our asking Him to guide our actions, we will not arrive at His presence.

You may analyse yourself which one of the “inner brothers” may be weak, and reinforce him.

All the best for your path to God,