What Do Birth Marks at the Point Between the Eyebrows and at the Medulla Mean?


Hello, my niece’s six-month-old daughter has a light red birthmark at the point between the eyebrows and also at the medulla. Does this have any spiritual significance? Thank you.

—Jim, USA


Hi Jim,
If these marks are not a family feature, it must have some significance stemming from her past. It can be a physical “heritage” from a former life, or it can have a psychological/energetical cause.

If it were the daughter of my niece, I’d take it as a sign of spiritual blessing, of a special energy manifesting in those areas. The spiritual eye manifests superconsciousness or Christ Consciousness. The medulla oblongata is the mouth of God, which Yogananda also calls the “OM-medulla,” where the sacred OM-vibration (the Holy Ghost in his teachings) enters the body. I’d pray that in her battle of life these blessings will increasingly manifest, and won’t be drowned by other tendencies.

The best thing you can personally do for her (and for all your family) is to grow deep spiritually yourself. Your niece’s daughter, especially if she is close to you karmically, will receive a lot of hidden blessings if you grow closer to God. All your other family members will receive it as well, without ever realizing it.

Joy to you, Jayadev