What Does It Mean If I Feel Cold When I Meditate and Pray? – Understand Spiritual Meaning Of Getting Chills


i’m getting spiritual chills everytime i do my spiritual practices or when i worship lord i get some chills around my body i.e cold sensations like something floating around me sometimes those chills are very strong,people tell me that it’s because there are some spiritual guardians around me and some tell it’s your aura,i’m confused please provide guidance to me.

—ruchit, India


Dear Ruchit,

Since I don’t know the specifics of your spiritual practices, I can answer your question only in a general way, and I hope it will be helpful.

Many sorts of phenomena, like seeing light, hearing sounds, having visions, feeling cold or hot, and so on can and sometimes do happen when one meditates. It is generally a sign that energy is on the move and that’s a good thing. Best thing to do, when it happens is to pray to your Guru if you have one, to guide you about the best way to proceed. It’s nothing to be afraid of and it happens to just about everybody at one time or another. Generally the sensations will pass away in time.

Keep the attention at the spiritual eye and always pray for help and guidance before, during, and after meditation—in fact, all the time. The experience of chills doesn’t happen to everyone, but that’s OK. When you meditate, make sure that you practice with relaxation, with loving God, and not over-doing any particular technique beyond your comfort zone.