What Does My Dream Mean, About an Old Man Giving Me Spiritual Power?


What does it mean if you have a dream about an old man giving you spiritual power, and the ability to see the spirit of people, and see how they died?

—Ani, United States


Dear Ani,

Dreams come as symbols. At times it’s just subconscious confusion, at times it comes with a message. Yours seem of the second category.

The old man giving spiritual power might symbolize your innate wise consciousness which always has power. It might be trying to emerge right now.

The ability to see the spirits of people, and see how they died, might symbolize simply the ability to perceive things that usually are not seen.

This whole dream might be a call from your soul to follow this spiritual direction. Practically speaking, it means to meditate and to give space and energy to that “old man giving you spiritual power.” It means to do what you can to spiritualize your life and not to follow merely mundane directions.

In short, there is something trying to happen inside of you, it seems. And you would do well to cooperate with this event. Otherwise it will pass — at least for now.

All the best! May that “old man giving you spiritual power,” the wisdom of your soul, emerge and give you deep insight.