What Does the Symbol of a Line and a Dot Mean?


I have been getting into being more spiritually open to find my true Self, but recently I have been feeling a bit stuck. Today I burned myself while cooking and it turned out to be a line and a dot right next to each other sort of like this, | • I couldn’t find anything online about what it could mean, but I believe in the power of symbols and signs that the universe shows you, to help you on your journey. Any idea what it might mean for me?

—Anna, USA


Dear Anna,

I too believe that the universe speaks through symbols, signs, and unusual events, to those who are open to such messages. For your symbol: I am not an expert, but I will try to interpret it.

The dot is a symbol of Infinity. Anandamayee Ma, it is said, just signed with a dot.

The line is a direction, a path. Your line, however, is not directed to the dot, but away from it. In other words, you are missing the dot, you are missing the point, and interestingly this symbol appearedo ccurred when you got burnt.

So I would interpret it like this: you got stuck you said. The reason is that you are not directed to the “dot”, to the Infinite. You got into some wrong direction and, spiritually speaking, you are burning yourself.

The message, if this interpretation is correct, is this: look to God. Your Self belongs to Him. If you don’t like the concept of God, then use Infinity, Cosmic Oneness, or whatever concept appeals to you. That is your direction, and when turning there your line will be directed to the dot, and you won’t burn yourself anymore, inwardly.

All the best,