What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Recurring Events in Life?


My question is about understanding the spiritual meaning of recurring events in life. We usually think of bad events that happen in life either as karma of past actions, or as a lesson. How can we distinguish these two and act accordingly? For example if i always come across a noisy neighbourhood, this may show that i was a noisy neighbor myself in the past. However, when the point is taken and you understand the lesson, why does the event (noisy neighbourhood) recur over and over again in my life?

—Ali, Iran


Dear Ali,

Karma is not necessarily finished when you have understood its lesson. Karma is simply energy which you have put out, coming back to you. If that amount has not run out yet, it will still come to you. You may have understood the lesson of correct eating, for example, but if your past eating habits were harmful for a long time, your body may still suffer even though you have already understood your lesson.

In your case, the lesson of the noisy neighbourhood could also be different: not only to be a respectful and silent neighbour yourself, but to train yourself to be inwardly in peace in spite of any noisy environment. This is not easy, of course. I totally understand. But if you can’t change it (noise is always following you) then your lesson might be to become so centered, so strong in your calmness and happiness, that no noise is able to disturb you. Your aura needs to become strong, which means that your energy must become strong. Your will needs to become strong to resist the noisy energy pulling you down.

Everything happens for the best – for your best, for your training.

But, that being said, why don’t you again try to find a more silent neighbourhood? Ask for divine help, and maybe you will find it. This could actually be another lesson to learn: not doing things only by yourself, but inviting God to help you. Then things may turn out better… at least if He wants it, if He doesn’t want you to learn the lesson of inner strength.

All the best,