What’s the Difference Between Soul and Spirit?


What is the difference between my soul and Spirit? I relate with a warm comfortable feeling whenever I think of my soul. I know that there is a link between the two, but I don’t know of its explanation.

—Brian E Meagher, Australia


Dear Brian,

You will always find varying definitions of these terms. In Yogananda’s teachings, the soul is a part of Spirit, just like the wave is a part of the Ocean: it’s the same substance, just individualized.

Spirit is God. Soul is individualized God.

If you have a warm feeling when thinking about your soul, it is a good thing. Your soul is divine, ageless, joyful, made in the image of God. It’s your true Self.

It follows that you also feel warm about Spirit, as the two can never be separated.

All the best for your Self-realization and Spirit-realization,