When I Close My Eyes, I See Stars. Why?


So you know when you meditate and close your eyes, it’s like a black fog, same as when you go to sleep. When I close my eyes, the black fog starts to disappear. Then my eyes are filled with stars. It’s like looking up at a starry night. When I move my eyes I see different ones. Further more sometimes shapes and symbols come out of the stars. I have asked some spiritual healers, but they are not 100% sure on why this is.

—Charlie, Uk


Dear Charlie,

You are blessed with an intuitive ability to gaze calmly into the subtle, astral lights. Ordinarily what one tends to see are the subtle electrical energies of one’s own body and astral body. Sometimes one also peers through and sees out into the astral world around us. The distinction is not so significant, however as it may seem.

For now, however, continue to gaze calmly into the “stars above” inviting their blessings and “en-lighten-ment”. Generally these sights (sounds, fragrances, even tastes) have no personal message to convey but they are a natural focus for one-pointed, heartfelt meditation.

Be grateful for this blessing but do not hold an expectation that they are “yours” to keep, for they are just as likely to vanish as to continue. We cannot hold “the heavens” in check for all things come and go and change just as the stars are constantly in motion.

Shapes and symbols, too, are part of the “library” of known inner sights: square, diamond, hemisphere, sphere, new moon (crescent).

So let these “objects of meditation” be focal points for one-pointed meditation. Invite these to bless you with their wisdom and be open to whatever gift might await you from them. Thus, go beyond merely observing at a distance. Take the next step and enter into a relationship to absorb or be absorbed. Try this and see what the results are. Okay?

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA