When Meditating I Experience Involuntary Movements and Gestures


Swamy Ji,

I have been meditating since last summer. Since May I have been experiencing involuntary movements and gestures like mudras etc when meditating. Recently, my body has started performing involuntary yoga asans as well. Some say, these are signs of kundalini awakening. I’m writing to check with you if this is the case?

My experience has been pleasant so far, but would you recommend I continue my practice?

Are there any potential dangers I should be aware of?

Thank you.

—Madhav, United Kingdom


Dear Madhav,

If it were kundalini, you’d be in a highly ecstatic state. It could be, however, what Swami Kriyananda describes as “advance scouts from kundalini, testing the terrain so to speak.” In that case it would be better to control your physical movement and instead enjoy the inner upward movement of energy. Otherwise you simply “waste” that precious energy in the body, which is a pity.

In short: keeping the body completely still, feel and enjoy that energy, mix it with devotion, look upward toward the spiritual eye, and it will be a very beneficial experience.

There is no danger at all when kundalini isn’t forced unnaturally.

All the best,