When the Disciple Is Ready the Guru Appears!


I had been practicing under a guru for many years but then there was a dispute and I left her. Now I practice from reading and the internet. Should I look for a guru or will a guru appear?

—Maya, India


Dear Maya,

This is an important question and the answer must be found within you. Try offering your question into the flow of inner understanding, for there lies the answer. Finding one’s guru is a matter of heart. If your disagreement with your past guru was based on your own likes and dislikes, then maybe she was disciplining you. In any event ask God for direction now. Self -effort is needed.

It is the greatest blessings in the three worlds to have a guru. Even if the guru is not in the body – the blessings, help, and grace come from the connection made to the self-realized guru. All souls that make progress toward the infinite have the help of such a satguru (true guru). Discipleship to a Guru is a profound and eternal relationship! It also however true that when the disciple is ready the Guru appears.

Although much great inspiration can come from the internet and books, it is necessary to be a disciple of a God-given guru to make progress. Continue to search for your path. Accept that God and your karma are taking care of your next steps. Be grateful for all you are given.

God does watch the heart. Be willing to share any light and blessings that you receive. Give to all and you will attract your next step. Many blessings on your spiritual search.

Nayaswami Hassi