Where Is the Spiritual Eye? I Had it Opened by Shadow People


I had my third eye opened by a shadow people from the shadow people realm. What I want to know is this: some people believe that the third Eye is in the middle of the forehead, but by my experience and this opening of my eye, he placed his index finger applying hard and painful pressure in between my eyes and the higher bridge of my nose. It’s that not the only way the Spirit at death leaves the body?

—Maria Santos, United States


Dear Maria,
The third eye is indeed in the forehead, in between the eyebrows. That’s what the Masters have described throughout the ages and how you see it depicted in ancient and modern paintings amd descriptions. That’s also where one perceives it. I don’t understand why the higher bridge of the nose was used in your case. No subtle energy center is there.

Also, usually no painful pressure is applied, at least I have never seen that. The transmission is not about a strong physical pressure, but about a strong flow of energy. Sometimes even without physical touch.

Concerning your other question: according to Yogananda, our spirit or soul usually leaves the body through the medulla oblongata at the back of the neck, where it also entered. Enlightened souls leave the body through the spiritual eye. Liberated souls leave through the top of the head.

Finally, I hope the “shadow people from the shadow people realm” you are describing are not in any way dark beings. Maybe I don’t understand what you mean, but if there is anything shadowy involved with them, you’d to well to renounce their act and detach from them as much as you can. Everything divine is full of light.

All the best on your inner journey, God bless you, Jayadev