Where to Seek Spiritual Guidance and Training


I am 22 years old and live in Dublin, Ireland. I am in poor health (brain and heart) and don’t have long left to live. I desire to grow spiritually and ideally (extremely unlikely owing to my current stage of spiritual development ) escape eternally from this nightmarish hellhole. There’s a Vedanta Society community in Dublin, should I ask for a spiritual regimen from one of the resident swamis? As far as I understand there’s no Ananda or (even SRF) community in Dublin.

—Daniel Lee, Ireland


Dear Daniel,

I am sorry to hear of your challenges especially at so young an age. Because of your need and circumstances, I do think it would helpful to connect with one of the swamis from the Vedanta Society in Dublin. There are Ananda members in Ireland but whether in Dublin or not, I’d have to do some research. For now, then, see if one of the swamis can be helpful to you but otherwise let us know if we can be of service to you. I will ask that our members who offer healing prayers include you with our daily prayers.

Remember: the past is past; the future never arrives because only the present is real, and that’s why it’s a present, a great gift. God is as much with you now as ever can be. We need only “improve” our knowing by mindfulness, prayer, meditation, devotion and service which draw the gift of grace (the power of upliftment in soul consciousness). There is no end to life for our consciousness is eternal and immortal.

May the Light of God be ever your guide,

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA

(a citizen of Ireland)