To Which Side Should Altar Face?


In a home, which direction should the Gods/mandir face? I have read different versions of this — some say the Gods should face West and devotee should pray facing east. Some say the Gods should face East and devotee should face N/NE.

—Tusha, USA


Dear Tusha,

When you pray or meditate, let the Gods (or Masters) face West, so that you are facing East. This is what Yogananda recommends. The reason for it, he explains, is that subtle rays of wisdom radiate westward over the earth. If we face East while praying and meditating, we receive these currents. They help us to attain enlightenment.

Facing North is also good (second best). From the North come rays that promote a consciousness of inner freedom.

On a more subtle level, “East” refers to the spiritual eye between the eyebrows. So when you pray, try to look at God (or the Master) through that point. In this way you will establish the Divine contact more effectively.

All the best for your devotional prayers,