Which Form of God Should I Pray to?


If I pray to God why can I not imagine God to be Odin or Frøya or some of the old Norse gods and goddess? I am not from India. I am from the Nordic countries. I cannot imagine God as some kind of spirit. He have to look like some i can feel something for. The Hindu have many aspect of God but why not use some from my country?

—Alo, Nordic


Dear Alo,

Here at Ananda we follow the teachings of Yogananda, a great spiritual master who came to the West to show that God is for everyone and to teach people techniques to realize God within. Dogmatic members of religions worldwide insist that others must worship God in the form they worship. Yogananda said it may be a blessing to be born in a religion but a curse to die in one. Each person must connect with God individually and very personally. No one can dictate to another how that person will experience God’s presence and what form of God he will love. The divine invitation is for you to discover within yourself God’s presence in the form you hold most dear. God is everywhere including expressions from Nordic countries.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti