Why Can’t I See the Spiritual Eye?


I tried a lot to see spiritual light between the eyebrows. But I don’t see anything. Why can’t I see? What should I do? I’m already practicing mantra meditation from 3 months

—Shobhitha, India


​Dear friend,

Not everyone sees the spiritual eye ​right away. For some it can take several years, if it comes at all.​ It is a gift of the divine. Some ​devotees never see or experience inner consolations such as light or sound​. So neither judge yourself nor impose upon your meditation the requirement to see the spiritual eye.

At the same time, it’s helpful to hold a joyful expectation of its appearance: an expectation that never wanes over time.​ Both meditation and the spiritual eye might be viewed as having a relationship with God (in whatever form or by whatever name appeals to you): it is sensitive, respectful, reverential, loving and patient. Silently pray, if you like, “Come to me!” Or words or feelings like this.

Yogananda commented that patience is helpful considering how many lifetimes we have ignored God; disdained God’s very existence; been chasing after a million other things! That our commitment might be tested for a while shouldn’t surprise or discourage us. Okay?

Nayaswami Hriman