Why Did My Father Have to Die of COVID?


Why are so many people dying from covid? Is it due to their karma? My father passed away from covid & am unable to process no matter how much I meditate, read about karma & spirituality. I keep thinking what went wrong, why we didn’t take him to a specialized doctor before & if we could’ve saved him?

Also,he endured so much pain in those 15 days & passed away clueless as he kept thinking he was recovering.

Why he had to endure so much pain?

I want to know what he must’ve felt after transition?

—A, India


Dear A,

You are going through a normal process of grieving for the loss of your father. Be patient with this process. It is normal to experience periods of denial, anger, and deep sadness. You, your family, and your father did the best possible with the knowledge and resources that were available at the time. It really will not help your grieving process to spend a lot of time with ‘if only’ and regret. We think we are in control of the details of our life, but really it is God’s will flowing through our will as we act. It is God’s will flowing through earthly circumstances and the individual that determines when it is a person’s time to leave the body. What we can do is turn toward God consciously and draw on His presence and guidance for our actions.

Your father faced his final illness thinking he was recovering, which was a good thing. He did not allow his illness to define him. The body may be ill or in pain, but the soul is always well and whole. The soul is an individualized expression of God. More and more seek to identify with your soul nature as your father was doing. The body may pass away but the soul never dies.

What would your father have to tell you now about how to handle your grief? We know that as soon as he left the body his pain and suffering were over. He now rests in an astral realm until his next incarnation. I expect he would want you to celebrate his freedom from suffering, and his soul would welcome the love you send to him. He would not want you to suffer. Offer your grief into God’s hands over and over again until you feel it lighten.

Here are things you can do now. Begin praying to God in whatever form you feel closest to. Ask God to surround your father’s soul in love and light. See your father radiant and completely supported in this Light. Now invite God’s light into your heart flooding you with the presence of the Divine Father for which your earthly father was a representative. Let the Heavenly Father’s love and light embrace and expand within you, filling the space that was left by your earthly father. Finally, visualize God’s love and light embracing your family and all those who are grieving the loss of your father, sending them comfort. Offer this prayer several times each day for the next few weeks.

We really do not have answers for why things happen. Why does God take one person and spare another who is right nearby? Why does God allow suffering? Yes, karma and God’s plan for us are an explanation, but we are not in a position to understand the big karmic picture which embraces thousands of lifetimes. What we can do is always try to turn toward God for our answers. We can act as a channel of God’s energy into the world. Our soul’s destiny is to reach union with God. All of our incarnations are steps in that direction. Whatever comes our way, it is our spiritual duty to work with it from the highest possible level of consciousness. It sounds like that is what your father did in his final illness. Follow his example.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti