Why Did My Sister Die So Young?


What is the Purpose of Our Life? What happens to a soul when it dies without fulfilling it’s dreams? I have recently lost my sister at 23.There is a lot of grief and it is a shock to all our family members as she had to leave the earth very young. She had many aspirations and dreams. She wanted to become a Chartered Accountant(C.A) and serve the society and people who are in need. She completed 75 percent of her studies. It really leaves me in pain so much that why did God do this to her?

—Sathya Gannarapu, India


Dear Sathya,

The purpose of our life is to discover “Who am I?” East and West, down through the ages since time immemorial, the rishis and sages have given us the message that the universe, including our bodies and personalities, are naught but a dream of the Creator. How else could matter come into existence except from the Mind of its Creator? The human form is uniquely created with the potential to pierce the veil of this dream and to know the Creator.

But we, too, have dreams because we are made of the great Dream. So your sister’s earthly dreams remain in the fabric of Thought and remain attached to that dream-soul that you call your sister. So, yes, all desires, all dreams must be fulfilled. Nothing and no one dies, but we only change form. We are endowed with and made from God’s intelligence, impulse to dream, and vitality (energy). We may keep our private dreams as long as we wish. At some point in our long evolution, we decide we would rather align our dreams with those of God. That’s when we begin to awaken spiritually.

There’s no point denying the pain and grief you feel from your loss. But I encourage you each day to meditate and be still. In the quiet mind and open heart, offer your dream-self to the Dreamer of all Selves in which your sister still lives. Know that forever You and She, You and HE are One. In your very thoughts and feelings your sister lives within you. Only her form has changed. Be of good cheer. While change may be the only constant that we can observe, the true and unchangeable Polestar is the Love of God: the great magnet that holds us together. So long as we remain open to its influence and sacred Presence, nothing and no one can harm us.

Peace be with you!
Nayaswami Hriman