Why Do I Fear Doing Nothing?


i am full of quetions

why do i fear while mediation when body is not that active how can be i fearless while meditation?

can chakra or kundalni awakening may be dangerous physically or mentally?

what happens after enlightment do one becomes free from hate,anger ,relations forever or for sometime?

—Krishna rana, india


Dear Krishna,

What you are experiencing (fear, arising during meditation) is more common than is talked about. It is the ego which fears or resists its dissolution as a consequence of achieving higher states of consciousness. The fear is groundless except as higher states of awareness are above ego consciousness. The real “YOU” (the immortal Atman) has nothing to fear but the ego-identified “you” knows that when the soul appears the ego will be removed from the “throne” of your self-identity. The ego is NOT dumb!!!!

Do you recall in the Mahabharata that Arjuna was despondent over the prospect of fighting his own relatives (the Kauravas)? This also symbolizes the fear you refer to.

To overcome this fear requires faith and faith is developed, in part, through devotion. You will be helped if you pray to God or guru or Divine Mother to be with you and “hold your hand” (so to speak) during meditation. You are never alone. It also takes courage and courage is a quality of the heart center: the anahat chakra!

Chakra awakening is NOT dangerous, physically or mentally. There are some people who, owing to extreme patterns of behavior (whether in a past or present life), encounter problems from kundalini energy awakening but they are very few. Generally this results from too much will power and excessive practice of yoga, fasting, tortuous practices, drugs, or other extreme austerities intended to be a shortcut to enlightenment.

Following the guidance of a wise teacher (and the Self-realization path is well suited for a balanced awakening), one should have no concerns about awakening the chakras or kundalini. Use common sense and lead a healthy balanced life; observe the yamas and niyamas (moral precepts of right living).

After enlightenment (which occurs with the experience of nirbikalpa samadhi), one becomes free of hate, anger, etc. But until such time, we are subject, even to increasingly small degrees, to such negative states. So best to be careful lest pride be awakened on the spiritual path and anger (jealousy, lust, etc) be stimulated. Few spiritual teachers are truly enlightened, even if they claim to be. Be like the wise ant: separating sugar from sand. Take the best and leave the rest!

I hope these thoughts are helpful to you.

Joy and blessings,

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA