Why Is It Not Yet Historically Proven That Lord Krishna Existed?


Respected Sir,

As mentioned in the book The Holy Science, and also as mentioned in some of the answers provided by Ananda Sangha, the last descending Dwapara Yuga ended around 700 BC, and the Mahabharata war and Lord Krishna existed around that time. Since we have clear historically documented events of the world and of India for the period around 700 BC, why does none of it mention with certainty that Lord Krishna existed and that the Mahabharata happened, in the same way as we have proof that Jesus was a historical figure?

Thank you.

—Rounak Agrawal, India


Dear Rounak,

Yes, according to Sri Yukteswar’s Yuga system, the last descending Dwapara Yuga (the Energy Age) ended in 700BC, when Kali Yuga (the Dark Age) started. According to the Mahabharata at this exact turning point Krishna died.

The archeological and scientific evidence for his life, for now m, is still too little to make historians affirm with certainty that Krishna was indeed a historical person. Scriptures alone are not deemed scientific, as the dividing line between history, legend, and symbology is not clear.

However, archeological research has been going on, and is still going on, concerning ancient Dwaraka, where Krishna lived and reigned. His ancient city sank into the ocean and remnants have been found. Just now, archaeologists are planning another underwater dig to look for the foundations of the ancient city walls. If successful, this will be of tremendous step forward in determining scientifically the date and existence of ancient Dwaraka. The scriptural descriptions of Krishna’s city in that way will be confirmed and the historical existence of Krishna won’t be doubted anymore. We just have to wait a little longer for this archeological research to bring result.

Krishna definitively lived, Yogananda affirmed. It is just a matter of time before science officially confirms it. Who knows, this might even happen during your lifetime.

However, once it is shown with certainty that Krishna indeed was a historical king, of course scientifically it will be impossible to prove that he was a divine incarnation, that he was “Lord Krishna”. The same is true with Jesus: it was proved that he lived, but historians are unable to determine his inner divine reality. Only true saints of the highest order can do that with authority.

Jai Krishna,