What Does it Mean When Your Third Eye Itches


In the course of meditation, I see a big round bright light with a smaller round black object inside it. It stays there for a while and disappears. And more often, I experience itching in — between my eyebrows as if some insects are moving in groups over there. It really itches me and so I normally rub that part of my body with my palms. Again, almost everyday, I see a very small bright light for about one or two seconds and disappears. Master, am I on the right track? Thanks.

—Emmanuel Yartey, Ghana


Dear Emmanuel,

We are very glad to hear that you are meditating. What you are describing that you are seeing when you meditate is a form of the spiritual eye. When the third or spiritual eye is seen in its perfection, it is very bright and seems to be appearing in the middle of your forehead or extending outward from that point, like a tunnel or tunnels of light.

It appears as large circle of deep bluish-purple color (some people do see it as black) with a ring or halo of golden light around the outside edge of it. In the very center is a small silvery-white, 5-pointed star (with a point at the top). That is how it looks when you see it perfectly.

If it is different from what I have described, or if it comes and goes as you are said, it is generally because of the restlessness of your mind. With continuing practice and as your mind grows calmer, with regular, daily, and deeper meditations, then the spiritual eye will appear as I have described it and stay for a longer time. This is a very great blessing for you.

As for the itching, I think this will go away as you continue to become more peaceful in your meditation. In the meantime, have a little cup of cool water close by, and spread a little water with your finger on that spot. Or you could use a cooling or mentholated salve or lotion of some kind also.

These kinds of phenomena are indications that energy is on the move in your body/mind/spirit, and that is a good thing. It is a purification process. Everyone’s process may differ in small ways, so I don’t think you need be concerned too much about what is happening.

Be sure to pray for help and guidance to God and Gurus, at the beginning of your meditations, and whenever anything unusual happens while you are meditating, such as what have described. Keep your eyes uplifted, but be sure you are not crossing or straining them in any way. Stay very relaxed. Blessings and joy to you!